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The Kent and Sharpshooters Yeomanry Museum is a great place for a school visit. The single storey museum is set in its own wheelchair accessible building within the beautiful grounds of Hever Castle in Kent, with toilets and a bookable classroom very close by. The staff of Hever Castle Limited has hosted successful school trips to the castle for many years, and now look forward to welcoming school trips to the museum as well. To book your school trip, phone Hever Castle on 01732 861701 or email

The museum covers the life and times of the local Kent and Sharpshooters Yeomanry regiment from 1794 to the present day, and includes a wealth of exhibits relating to both World Wars. The physical displays include medals, uniforms, weaponry and other militaria. There are walk in reconstructions of a WW1 Gallipoli trench and the interior of a WW2 Cromwell tank turret. A Saladin armoured car and a 25 pounder field gun stand guard outside the museum, together with an Anderson air-raid shelter. The physical displays are complemented by four touchscreens, which feature the fascinating life stories of some of our soldiers, and our youngest visitors will love the cartoon desert fox Noball who appears throughout our displays to point out the interesting bits.

Teachers can prebook our eight WW1 and WW2 onsite learning haversack resources, which have been specifically created to feature many links to the KS2 curriculum, including history, literacy, remembrance, maths and science. Click on the haversack pictures for a larger image.

To help you prepare for your visit please click on the Characters below for further information:

For the complete set of digital stories on our touchscreens, please visit the Stories section of our website HERE

Note: haversacks contain a complete range of handling items (for example uniforms and compasses, together with mini whiteboards and pens where relevant) to support each of the activities described in the character sheets.