265 (KCLY) Squadron (Sharpshooters)
71st (City of London) Yeomanry Signal Regiment (Volunteers)

265 (Kent & County of London Yeomanry (SHARPSHOOTERS)) Support Squadron), 71st (Yeomanry) Signal Regiment is a multi-cap-badged Support Squadron for 71st (City of London) Yeomanry Signal Regiment (Volunteers). 265 Sp Sqn (V) provides combat services support to the signal Squadrons and Regimental Headquarters on exercise and on Operations and the Squadron is co-located with regimental headquarters in Bexleyheath. 265 Sp Sqn (V)’s is one of 3 Squadrons that make up for 71st (City of London) Yeomanry Signal Regiment (Volunteers).

265 Sp Sqn (V)’s role is to provide Information Communication Systems (ICS) and logistical support to the emergency services and to the local government in the event of an emergency. In recent years the Sqn has been involved in the Fireman strikes (OP FRESCO), floods, foot and mouth and the fuel crisis, with soldiers and officers of the Squadron and Regiment being involved in a number of these. In addition to providing support to the emergency services and the local government the regiment also supports the operations with the regular army. Recently the Sqn has seen its soldiers and officers deployed to the Balkans to form a squadron that is built entirely from TA personnel in 2 (NC) Signal Brigade, also many of our soldiers and officers been to Iraq (Op TELIC) and more recently Afghanistan (Op HERRICK).

265 Sp Sqn (V) trains in a wide variety of trades including, Communications Systems Engineers, Communications Systems Operators, Royal Signals Electricians, Chefs, Vehicle Mechanics, Medics and Military Clerks.

History of Recent Events

From 1969 until 2006 265 Sp Sqn (V) was a UK based Signal Squadron primarily tasked with providing post nuclear strike communications during the Cold War period and more recently a UK operations communications role. It was perhaps fitting that during the period 1969-1986 265 Sp Sqn (V) as so provided the HQ Sqn manning for the Regiment as well. 1986 then saw the formation of HQ (KCLY) Sqn so during this time the Sharpshooters had 3 sub units. 2006 then saw the coming together of the two squadrons with the new squadron not only providing the usual HQ Sqn capabilities but also providing the main communications asset REEBOK – a 25 station mobile staff headquarters as well as a BOWMAN detachment. The 1990s saw the Squadron supporting operations with 8 personnel deployed on operations to Bosnia. Operational deployments during the period 2000-2003 also saw 3 further personnel deployed to Kosovo and a further 2 to Bosnia. From 2003 the Squadron has provided a further 3 personnel for OP OCULUS (Bosnia) 6 for OP TELIC and 5 for OP HERRICK.

The year, 2009 saw challenging times for the Royal Signals TA with a major review which saw the demise of 6 of the 11 TA Signals Regiments coupled with various amalgamations and reductions in establishments of surviving units. 265 Sp Sqn (V) was fortunate in only having to reduce its establishment by 27 personnel and 71 Signal Regiment lost one sub unit 70 (Essex Yeomanry ) Signal Squadron by amalgamation with 68 (Inns of Court and City Yeomanry) Signal Squadron.

The current ORBAT of 71st (City of London) Yeomanry Signal Regiment (Volunteers) is:

(a) 265 (Kent & County of London Yeomanry (SHARPSHOOTERS)) Support Squadron) -BEXLEYHEATH
(b) 47 (Middlesex Yeomanry) Signal Squadron – UXBRIDGE (HQ) and Southfields.
(c) 68 (Inns of Court, City and Essex Yeomanry) Signal Squadron – LINCOLNS INN (HQ), Chelmsford and Whipps Cross.

In 2010 265 Sp Sqn (V) was greatly honoured to be awarded the Freedom of Bexley and shall be looking forward to exercising this privilege with a parade on 10 September 2011.